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Feb 22, 2024

Fixing INSTALL_IMAGE_LOADER_TIMED_OUT Error 52 on Crostini Linux Terminal for Chromebook

When booting up the Ubuntu shell on my Chromebook, it usually just works. However, After I updated to a new version of Chromebook OS, I was getting this error:

vmshell failed:
Error starting crostini for terminal:

First, I restarted my Chromebook but the error persisted after restarting. So I turned to Bing Copilot:

asking bing how to fix crostini error code 52

source: Bing

Open Crosh: ctrl + alt + T

Stop The Termina Container in Crosh

vmc stop termina

Start The Termina Container in Crosh

vmc start termina

The vmc command is used to manage Linux containers from Crosh. After I entered these two vmc commands, the error was resolved. My Crostini Linux shell is functional again!